Dental Treatment in Rego Park, NY

At SimpliBraces, every patient will finish dental treatment in Rego Park, NY, with the best results possible.

Take a look at the following images to see how dental treatment has helped our patients.

Patient Chief Complaint: Openbite, teeth not touching

Treatment Overview: Anterior Open Bite: When upper and lower front teeth don’t come together when the mouth is fully closed. Common occurrence in part due to habits like tongue thrusting and/or thumb sucking. Habits must be resolved earlier on to prevent negative sequela which may even lead to surgical treatment in order to correct an anterior open bite. This treatment lasted little over a year and was resolved non-surgically.

Total Treatment Time: 15 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Crossbite, Severe Crowding, Displaced Teeth

Treatment Overview: Harmony exists everywhere. Laws of attraction have been extensively researched. As an artist we must strongly consider these laws and apply the science (Orthodontics) to create beautiful, harmonious relationships between hard and soft tissues. Otherwise, if our patients aren’t properly diagnosed and treated we fail as doctors! Many would agree that extraction of teeth was almost destined to relieve the crowding, however her face didn’t agree with that plan. This young lady was treated with conventional orthodontic appliances.

Total Treatment Time: 24 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Openbite, Spacing, Missing Upper Left Molar

Treatment Overview: From changing her reverse smile arc 🙁 and making it more consonant 🙂 to closing her anterior open bite, spaces and moving her molar forward. This patient won’t need to get an implant restoration for the missing molar tooth. Properly planned orthodontic therapy becomes very rewarding for both the practitioner and patients.

Total Treatment Time: 24 months

Patient Chief Complaint: DeepBite, Spacing, Buck Teeth

Treatment Overview: When teeth protrude outward, they are much easier to get traumatized if there is a source of an impactBringing teeth together, closing all the gaps creates one unit, decreasing chances of serious damage to teeth. Please note the black lines scribed on the canines for bite correction changes. It is very important to have proper bite for long term dental health.

Total Treatment Time: 24 months

Patient Chief Complaint: DeepBite, Crowding, Gummy Smile

Treatment Overview: This young man’s mom was concerned about uneven gummy smile and lack of lower incisor show. You can appreciate how canted his upper jaw was when he was smiling. Regular Non Damon orthodontic braces were placed. There was no mini-implants or surgery used to correct the bite. Proper planning and engagement was used to correct class II bite without extraction of any teeth. Mom and patient were super thrilled to see the changes of the smile

Total Treatment Time: 18 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Severe Protrusion, Open Bite, Crowding

Treatment Overview: After 2 years of orthodontic treatment, the relatives of this beauty couldn’t recognize her when she went back home overseas to the Caribbean. Patient acquired the open bite due to past finger sucking habit. Four premolars were taken out in order to correct severe open bite and normalize the overjet. Traditional orthodontic braces were used without any appliances. This young girls upper front teeth went from being 10 mm away from the lower to touching. Our body is amazing! It allows and supports gradual changes made over time.

Total Treatment Time: 24 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Deep Bite, Missing Teeth, Crowding

Treatment Overview: This young lady had her permanent teeth lost due to trauma in her country. Without having proper access to dental care she was forced to live without her front 4 teeth. Once her and her husband migrated to USA they found our office and decided to undergo full mouth rehabilitation. An interdisciplinary case usually involves more than one dental disciplines. She had seen a periodontist, an oral surgeon a general dentist and myself as an orthodontist. General Dentist was responsible for initial pre-orthodontic restorative phase and post-orthodontic prosthetic phase. Look at the priceless smile transformation shown at the smiling photo. This life changing type of dentistry is the most fulfilling part in our profession.

Total Treatment Time: 24 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Crowded teeth, Collapsed Smile, Upper Tooth Sticking out, Crossbite

Treatment Overview: This handsome male presented to the clinic with chief complaint of crowded teeth and collapsed smile. As you can see he had a lot of crowded and overlapping teeth, his upper left lateral incisor was protruding forward and upper left canine in crossbite. After about 12 months of Invisalign treatment, results were pleasing. None of the teeth were taken out, minor amounts of reshaping was planned and performed.

Total Treatment Time: 12 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Impacted teeth, Missing Teeth

Treatment Overview: This beautiful, young soul who was able to get her smile back after many years of having low self confidence and esteem. It is astonishingly mind boggling how properly planned and executed orthodontic treatment can have such a life changing effect on the life of a human being. The creation of this smile was very unique, it required some outside the box thinking. Patient didn’t chose to have 3 of her upper front teeth grow in to be completely displaced. Her upper left central incisor (Red Cross ❌)was severely impacted growing towards her nasal cavity, and upper left canine (blue *) impacted and displaced. Decision made to extract both Upper right canine (black *) and the impacted central incisor, while carefully bringing in the upper left canine into the central tooth’s position.

Total Treatment Time: 18 months

Patient Chief Complaint: Severe Open Bite, Facial Asymmetry

Treatment Overview: Picture on the left is before treatment, picture on the right is after treatment. Treatment was completed in under 18 months using conventional orthodontic appliances. Patient’s teeth were almost half an inch apart, bite closure was achieved without any extractions and or surgical intervention. Note the correction of mandibular asymmetry (in the smiling picture)and elimination of chin deviation solely by placing the teeth into their proper guiding positions.

Total Treatment Time: 18 months