Straight Teeth: It’s More than Aesthetics

A straight smile should be a mark of pride. If you or your child has been suffering from malocclusion, a common misconception to hold is that braces treatment is purely cosmetic. However, many orthodontists recommend braces and Invisalign in Forest Hills, NY, because having straight teeth has a wealth of benefits.

The first benefit of straight teeth is that it directly affects your gum health. Conditions like malocclusion, also known as under-bites, over-bites, and cross-bites, causes bad positioning of the jaw. This affects how people communicate and eat. Crooked teeth, for instance, are harder to floss, which increases the chance of gaining chronic conditions like periodontal disease. Bad jaw alignment also develops bad habits like teeth grinding that wear away at the soft bone over time. In effect, crooked teeth can accelerate gum disease, bone loss, and, ultimately, tooth loss.

The alignment of your teeth also affects sleep quality. The upper jaw contains your palate. When you sleep, the tongue is supposed to rest on it, creating an open channel for air to flow. A poorly formed jaw can disrupt your tongue’s position, which exacerbates symptoms associated with sleep apnea. The complications of sleep apnea can include weight gain and poor blood circulation.

As you can see, straight teeth do more than look good. They can also affect your overall health and quality of life. If your general dentist recommends that you or your child see an orthodontist, then it is probably advice you should take. Contact your local orthodontist to learn about braces or Invisalign treatment.


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