The Advantages of Lingual Braces

Have you always wanted to fix your crooked teeth but were embarrassed by the appearance of traditional braces? Lingual braces in Elmhurst, NY, may prove to be a viable alternative. In this post, we will talk about how this type of braces can help you attain the picture-perfect smile you have always wanted.

Lingual braces work much like traditional braces. The key difference is that the brackets and wires are placed behind the teeth. As a result, you get all of the benefits of braces treatment, but nobody will see the hardware. They are a truly discreet option that enables you to go about your daily activities without worrying about the sight of your braces.

Lingual braces are suitable for patients of all ages, including teenagers and young professionals. They treat crowded teeth, spacing, open bite, and malocclusion. In short, they help you attain the perfect smile.

The perfect smile also has added benefits in the form of better oral health. By straightening your teeth, you will also make it easier to brush and floss. Improving your oral care habits leads to more effective teeth cleaning, leading to fewer cavities and instances of gingivitis.

Lingual braces, much like their traditional counterparts, will require some acclimation. You are getting brackets and wires in places that influence your speech patterns, after all. Your orthodontist will work with you to make adjustments so you can get used to the braces and speak normally again.

If you’ve been putting off treatment because of fears of “brace face,” lingual braces may be for you. Request a consultation with your orthodontist to learn if you are a good candidate for this treatment.


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