Traditional Braces Near Forest Hills, NY

Metal Braces

Dr. Yelizar, at SimpliBraces in Rego Park, NY, offers modern traditional braces near Forrest Hills, Elmhurst, and surrounding communities, which are smaller and more comfortable than they used to be. With options to pick your elastic colors, traditional braces are an excellent choice for correcting your smile.


These are the braces you remember. A metal wire is aligned over your brackets and held in place with elastic bands.

Colored Elastic Bands

Choose your colors! Each time you come into SimpliBraces, Dr. Yelizar lets you pick your style. Rainbow, solid colors, or a combination – the choice is yours.

Clear Braces

These braces work just like their traditional counterparts but blend in with your teeth more. Using a tooth-colored ceramic material, your braces will be less visible to people around you. Your friends won’t even be able to tell.


Blends With Teeth

A ceramic crystal that is less visible on your teeth is used to make brackets. A wire with clear bands is tied into brackets.

Color-Match Technology

Using modern technology, Dr. Yelizar can match the ceramic composite used for your brackets to your specific teeth coloring.

Caring for Braces

Click below to learn Dr. Yelizar’s tips to care for your new braces.

Care Instructions

Contact us at 929.229.1009 today to schedule your complimentary consultation with an orthodontist in Rego Park, NY. You will find out what solution is the best fit for your needs, whether it’s traditional braces, lingual braces, or aligner therapy.